All pins for the NE-CAT Automounter must be 18mm in length. Copper pins are highly discouraged. Make sure that none of your pins are bent. Bent pins cause the Robot to jam.

The image below details the assembled ALS-style base+pin ("18 mm") which is the preferred design for the Robot. The dimensions are fairly critical here, and the most important one from the Robot's standpoint is the distance from the inside mounting surface (which corresponds with the top of the goniometer magnetic mount) to the center of the crystal = 20.3mm ± 1mm.

You may use Hampton pins and loops, LithoLoops from Molecular Dimensions Ltd. or 18 mm/SPINE MicroMounts, MicroLoops, MicroMeshes, MicroGrippers from MiTeGen.

18mm corresponds to breaking off the two end segments of a Hampton pin.

LithoLoops can be purchased pre-mounted on an 18mm pin.

Only the 18mm/SPINE length from MiTeGen can be used with the Robot.  All other lengths are not allowed.  MiTeGen supplies MicroMounts, MicroLoops, MicroMeshes, MicroGrippers premounted on pins.  Specify the pin length at time of ordering.

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