Shipping Information

We recommend using overnight shipping at least 2 days before your scheduled beamtime to allow for any shipping delays from weather or accidents. FedEx shipping is preferred, but UPS and DHL also deliver to the APS.

If you are shipping FedEx, we highly recommend Priority Overnight delivery. FedEx makes a daily run to the APS that usually arrives by 9 a.m. for Priority Overnight deliveries with dewars being delivered to our beamlines by APS by 11 a.m. If you must use First Overnight, choose 'no signature required.'  Standard Overnight will not arrive for 2 days.  There is no afternoon FedEx delivery to the APS at this time.

You are responsible for providing a return shipping label with your dewar.

Shipping of Non-Hazardous Materials

Non-hazardous samples may be shipped to NE-CAT in a dry shipper that has been charged with liquid nitrogen and emptied of any excess liquid nitrogen.

The following address can be used for shipping.

User's Name
c/o Narayanasamami Sukumar (NE-CAT)
9700 South Cass Avenue
Bldg. 436E 
Lemont, IL 60439

Telephone number (630) 252-0681

The full guidelines for use of Dry Shippers for Biological Macromolecules is available at the APS website.

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