Technical Specifications for 24-ID-E Beamline

EIGER on 24-ID-E with Automounter reflected on surface
  • Uses the inboard-projecting down-stream undulator
  • A fixed energy at 12.66 keV, with a fixed take-off angle (2Θ) of 29.5o.
  • A focused beam of approximately 1x1013 Photons/Sec 
  • A focal spot size 35 µm horizontal by 5 µm vertical.
  • A beam with an energy bandwidth of ΔE/E <2 x 10-4 at an energy of ~12.66 keV at one sigma.
  • A beam that is stable to 1-2 microns. 
  • MD2 diffractometer, with sphere of confusion of less than 3µ (less than 7µ with mini-kappa mounted). MD2 beam shaping system provides very clean beams from 5 microns to 100 microns in diameter and has exceptional sample visualization systems capable of visualizing micron-sized crystals with extreme clarity.
  • Modified ALS style sample automounter with a capacity of fourteen pucks.
  • Oxford Cryo-Jet crystal cryocoolers. (100K to 300K).
  • Amptek Silicon Drift Diode detectors for rapid identification of metals in crystalline or non-crystalline samples.
  • Dectris EIGER 16M. The detector can be lifted up to four modules. Maximum crystal-to-detector distance is 1200 mm and minimum is 150 mm. Shutter-less data collection and noiseless readouts improve the data quality significantly.