Facilities shared between both beamlines

  • Data storage: Current network storage system consists of three Nexan SATABeast systems with an aggregate of 150 TB of available storage space over fiber-optic network, using IBM developed GPFS file system. 
  • Computational Software: Essential crystallographic software is made available to users via SBGrid suite.
  • Automated data collection strategy and data processing is offered using a NE-CAT developed RAPD pipeline running on a compute cluster.
  • Computing cluster: a multi-core compute-cluster enable susers to assay data quality and evaluate the efficacy of data collection strategies on the same time scale as data collection itself. 
  • A humidity-controlling device – HC1 is available to test the possibility of improving the diffraction by a small change of relative humidity of crystals. 
  • Users can ship their unfrozen crystals in a temperature controlled (from 4 to 30ºC) shipping device - iQ2, for use of HC1.
  • FTS Air-Jet crystal cooler (-40 to +100 ºC).
  • A fully equipped chemistry laboratory is available for users. 
  • Several sets of robotic pucks are available for users via our “puck loaning program”.