X-Ray Based Technologies In Emerging Fuel Cell Research

We are pleased to announce the workshop entitled "X-ray based technologies in emerging fuel cell research " scheduled during the NSLS II and CFN User Meeting (Workshop 3 Agenda.docx), this coming May 13, programed for in-person participation. Researchers working in photosynthesis and redox enzymes are encouraged to apply as several talks are focused on them. 

To REGISTER for visit: https://www.bnl.gov/usersmeeting/index.php

Participants, including students and postdocs, are encouraged to present their results in the poster session.  Limited funds may be available  to sponsor  participants especially at graduate or post-doctoral levels. To apply for funding please complete the form: https://forms.gle/A8doqMJXxVoEAJED6


This one day workshop  aims to bring together researchers, beamline scientists, and developers, who seek to advance our knowledge on fuel cells  towards sustainable energy models. The goal is to discuss recentadvances and the current status of the various techniques used to characterize natural and artificial model systems including their limitations (both x-ray as well as non-x-ray techniques). The expectation is that participants will find an environment in which discussions allow the collaborations among researchers and those responsible for the increased understanding of new systems through the development of new techniques.     

Confirmed  SPEAKERS:

Kara Bren (Univ Rochester), Todd Deutsch (NREL), Petra Fromme (ASU), Masakazu Iwai (LBL), Mathias Kling (LCLS), Yi Lu ( Univ Texas), Smaranda Marinescu (USC), Sean McSweeney (NSLS II), Jose Henrique Pereira (JBEI), Gabriela Schlau-Cohen (MIT), Narayanasami Sukumar (Cornell University), Francesca Maria Toma (Heoron Institute, Germany).