Register as a User


In order to collect data at NE-CAT, all experimenters must be a registered user at the APS with approved site access. Registration of US citizens is valid for two years. Registration of foreign nationals is valid for two years or until the expiration of their USCIS status documents, whichever is sooner. An email will be sent a month before your user access expires, two weeks before, and the day of expiration.  Please register once you receive these emails so that your user access does not lapse. Once Registration is expired, it must be updated in order to continue to have approved site access and to be added to an Experimental Safety Assessment Form (ESAF). Once you have a date scheduled for your experiment at NE-CAT, please make sure that your site access dates are current or that you have begun the registration process. The approval for site access can take up to two weeks for foreign nationals, so plan ahead.

  • If you are a new user, go to the APS Registration Form to register and begin the site access approval process. 
  • If you have previously registered with the APS and have an APS badge number, you can check the status of and update your APS registration through the My APS Portal.
  • All required USCIS documents will need to be uploaded at the time of registration.

The dates for your approved site access will be shown on the homepage of the My APS Portal. Your registration can be updated by going to the My Registration tab in the My APS Portal.

CV required for foreign nationals

As part of the site access approval process, the Department of Energy requires a CV to accompany all foreign national visit/assignment requests. The required format and contents of this CV is described on the Visitor Infomation - CV page.