Sample Spreadsheet

Remote data collection can be facilitated through use of a sample spreadsheet that allows for filenames to be assigned to samples.  The most current version of the spreadsheet is in .xlxs format and can be downloaded from the Remote website by clicking the Sample Spreadsheet link in the bottom left corner of the login screen.  Most of the entries on the spreadsheet are optional and are provided for you to keep track of your samples.  The current columns required by remote are: PuckID and CrystalID.  

  1. PuckID should be the alphanumeric characters carved into the lid of your puck.  Staff will use this to assign your puck location in the robot dewar.  
  2. PuckID needs to be filled out for every row that has a sample.
  3. CrystalID will be the filename to be associated with your crystalline sample.
  4. CrystalID should be alphanumeric characters.  The CrystalID will be used to name your snapshots and runs.  Each CrystalID in a spreadsheet should be unique.
  5. Any spaces or hyphens (-) in the PuckID and CrystalID will be replaced with underscores (_) when the spreadsheet is read into Remote.
  6. Each puck is a separate sheet in the workbook.  Do not rename the sheets which are called Puck1, Puck2, Puck3, etc.  Do not add spaces.
  7. Do not rename the columns or add extra column headings.  The spreadsheet will not read into remote if you rename the columns.  You do not need to fill out any columns except PuckID and CrystalID.
  8. SampleID comes prefilled on each sheet.  Do not delete any SampleIDs.
  9. Once you have filled out your sample spreadsheet, email it to your support scientist who will upload it to Remote.
  10. Turn on Auto-Naming in Remote.