Puck Loaning Program


NE-CAT has purchased several sets of ALS-Style Pucks and Tools.  Users can either load the pucks on-site at the NE-CAT beamlines (we have handy tools to make it as painless as possible) or have the pucks shipped to their home lab. Users must agree to the following policy in order to participate in the puck loan program.

Facilities shared between both beamlines

  • Data storage: Current network storage system consists of three Nexan SATABeast systems with an aggregate of 150 TB of available storage space over fiber-optic network, using IBM developed GPFS file system. 
  • Computational Software: Essential crystallographic software is made available to users via SBGrid suite.
  • Automated data collection strategy and data processing is offered using a NE-CAT developed RAPD pipeline running on a compute cluster.

Technical Specifications for 24-ID-C Beamline

PILATUS, MD2 and Automounter on 24-ID-C
  • Uses the out-board-projecting up-stream undulator
  • Energy range between 6.5 – 20 keV.
  • A focused beam of approximately 1.5x1013 Photons/Sec
  • A focal spot size variable down to 23 µm horizonal X 5 µm vertically. 
  • Beam has an energy bandwidth of ΔE/E ~1 x 10-4 at an energy of ~12.66 keV at one sigma.
  • Beam stable to a few microns.
  • Beam line control system, "CONSOLE" developed by NE-CAT.