Bipartite binding of the N terminus of Skp2 to cyclin A.

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Journal Article


Structure (2021)


<p>Skp2 and cyclin A are cell-cycle regulators that control the activity of CDK2. Cyclin A acts as an activator and substrate recruitment factor of CDK2, while Skp2 mediates the ubiquitination and subsequent destruction of the CDK inhibitor protein p27. The N terminus of Skp2 can interact directly with cyclin A but is not required for p27 ubiquitination. To gain insight into this poorly understood interaction, we have solved the 3.2&nbsp;Å X-ray crystal structure of the N terminus of Skp2 bound to cyclin A. The structure reveals a bipartite mode of interaction with two motifs in Skp2 recognizing two discrete surfaces on cyclin A. The uncovered binding mechanism allows for a rationalization of the inhibitory effect of Skp2 on CDK2-cyclin A kinase activity toward the RxL motif containing substrates and raises the possibility that other intermolecular regulators and substrates may use similar non-canonical modes of interaction for cyclin targeting.</p>