APS 'Dark' Period Rescheduled

At the Plenary Session for the APS/CNM User Meeting, it was announced that the storage ring installation period of the Advanced Photon Source Upgrade project is now scheduled to begin April 17, 2023.  NE-CAT and the APS will be 'dark' for 1 year following this date.

The newly confirmed date is a delay of 10 months from the originally scheduled start of the installation period and is the result of impacts on the project brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Project leaders have been closely monitoring the effect of the pandemic on vendor deliveries and on-site assembly work, and with concurrence from PSC management, Argonne leadership and DOE, recently made the decision that rescheduling the start of the downtime was the best path forward. 

The latest updates will be posted on the APS Upgrade web page

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