Locking Pins Are Essential



...are the words at the top of every shipping cane.  How many of us have read the words or even noticed that they exist?  What happens if you don't put the locking pin in the hole before shipping your pucks?  

If you forget to put the locking pin in the hole, then your pucks could move during shipping and slide out from the holders.  Most people do not think this is a problem, but it is.  The opening at the neck of the CX100 dry shipper is narrower than the interior where the shipping cane and pucks sit.  If the pucks slide out of the shipping cane during transit, then they are no longer lined up with the narrower neck opening.  This means that your pucks will be stuck inside the shipping cane.  NE-CAT staff will try our very best to re-align your pucks with your shipping cane, but this is not always possible.  When this happens, there is only one way to get the pucks out.  We must cut open the dry shipper.

Recently, we have had many users forgetting to include the locking pin.  Most users have been very lucky and their pucks have not shifted much during transit, but if the odds are not in your favor, then you want to remember to include the locking pin or we will have to cut open the dry shipper in order to line the pucks back up.

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