Crystal structure of the Nogo-receptor-2.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Protein Sci, Volume 20, Issue 4, p.684-9 (2011)


Animals, Crystallography, X-Ray, GPI-Linked Proteins, Models, Molecular, Molecular Sequence Data, Myelin Proteins, Myelin-Associated Glycoprotein, Nogo Receptor 1, Protein Binding, Protein Isoforms, Protein Structure, Tertiary, Rats, Receptors, Cell Surface, Receptors, Peptide, Recombinant Proteins


<p>The inhibition of axon regeneration upon mechanical injury is dependent on interactions between Nogo receptors (NgRs) and their myelin-derived ligands. NgRs are composed of a leucine-rich repeat (LRR) region, thought to be structurally similar among the different isoforms of the receptor, and a divergent "stalk" region. It has been shown by others that the LRR and stalk regions of NgR1 and NgR2 have distinct roles in conferring binding affinity to the myelin associated glycoprotein (MAG) in vivo. Here, we show that purified recombinant full length NgR1 and NgR2 maintain significantly higher binding affinity for purified MAG as compared to the isolated LRR region of either NgR1 or NgR2. We also present the crystal structure of the LRR and part of the stalk regions of NgR2 and compare it to the previously reported NgR1 structure with respect to the distinct signaling properties of the two receptor isoforms.</p>