Puck Set and Tools

Both ALS-Style Pucks and Uni-Pucks can be used in the NE-CAT Robot Automounter. ALS-Style Pucks are preferred. Uni-Pucks are allowed but result in higher sample loss. The increased magnetic surface inherent in Uni-Pucks results in an increased inability to properly separate sample from the magnetic base. This causes puck movement and failure of samples to be returned to the puck.

ALS-Style Cryo PucksALS Style Pucks

V1 Uni-PuckV1 Uni-Puck




Shipping Cane

SAM Tools available from Crystal Positioning Systems

Crystal Positioning Systems
29 Stafford Street
Jamestown, NY 14701
(716) 483-3276
(716) 483-0018 (fax)
imfinc@windstream.net (email)

Qty. Part # Item Price/Each (USD)
1 CP-111-030 Bent Cryo Tong 130 130
1 CP-111-027 Puck Dewar Loading Tool aka Puck Pusher 175  175
1 CP-111-026 Puck Wand 150  150
7 CP-111-021 Universal V1-Puck 425  2975
  CP-111-035 ALS style Puck Quote Required
1 CP-111-029 Shelved Puck Shipping Cane* (ALS-Style) 1250  1250
1 CP-111-028 Puck Separator Tools (aka Puck Separator and Base Support) 350  350
   Total 5030

*Shipping cane for CXR100 Dry Shipper  or 34HC storage dewar.
*Support Washer (91117A243), as seen in puck shipping kit, can be obtained from McMaster-Carr.


Puck Shipping Kit

Puck Shipping Kit

NE-CAT has ALS-Style Pucks and Tools available for loan on-site and a limited number of pucks can also be shipped to users. Please read our Puck Loan Policy if you are interested in borrowing pucks. To have pucks shipped to you for sample loading at home, contact Surajit Banerjee. You may also contact an NE-CAT Staff Scientist to discuss using our pucks and tools.