Targeting the PI5P4K Lipid Kinase Family in Cancer Using Covalent Inhibitors.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Cell Chem Biol (2020)


<p>The PI5P4Ks have been demonstrated to be important for cancer cell proliferation and other diseases. However, the therapeutic potential of targeting these kinases is understudied due to a lack of potent, specific small molecules available. Here, we present the discovery and characterization of a pan-PI5P4K inhibitor, THZ-P1-2, that covalently targets cysteines on a disordered loop in PI5P4Kα/β/γ. THZ-P1-2 demonstrates cellular on-target engagement with limited off-targets across the kinome. AML/ALL cell lines were sensitive to THZ-P1-2, consistent with PI5P4K&#39;s reported role in leukemogenesis. THZ-P1-2 causes autophagosome clearance defects and upregulation in TFEB nuclear localization and target genes, disrupting autophagy in a covalent-dependent manner and phenocopying the effects of PI5P4K genetic deletion. Our studies demonstrate that PI5P4Ks are tractable targets, with THZ-P1-2 as a useful tool to further interrogate the therapeutic potential of PI5P4K inhibition and inform drug discovery campaigns for these lipid kinases in cancer metabolism and other autophagy-dependent disorders.</p>